Marie Kar Graphic DesignerMarie Kar is a graduate of Northwestern University. Currently a resident of Grand Haven and a dedicated professional in the West Michigan marketing and advertising industry, Marie works as a graphic designer helping businesses develop their professional image. She can take the simplest outline, Word document, or even a sketch on a napkin and give it a bold, new, creative look that will separate your brand from the competition.

Marie has found that working in a field that she is passionate about is no longer work, but feels like play. Marie’s playground is made up of Adobe Creative Suite products where she commands lines, shapes, images and text to conform to her will. She creates eye-catching logos that speak to the mission and unique selling point of an organization.  She develops printed publications that communicates your message with a style and sizzle that says your business is unique. She can give your marketing information a clear and concise design that makes it stand out and be heard.

Her background in computer programming and web design also come in handy when creating websites, HTML email newsletters, e-blasts and working with content management systems. Marie loves all facets of design and has an eye for appealing layouts in many formats. As Marie develops brochures, posters, stationery, logos and websites she leaves a small piece of her heart and passion on each page.